Kellan Holmes is the number one college wide receiver in the country. A star, on and off the field, he is determined as he pursues his goals of graduating and being drafted by the NFL. But Kellan also relishes the not-so-serious parts of his college life: parties, hanging out, and hooking up. With no desire to settle down with one woman, Kellan enjoys the casual company of many different women at MSU.

Leah Pritchard is a twenty-something nurse who is done playing the field. She is ready to settle down and put down roots, complete with the white picket fence. The only thing missing is her Mr. Right. Leah is looking for someone serious and isn’t willing to settle until she finds someone who checks all the boxes.

When an on-field injury sends Kellan to the hospital and into the care of Leah, the attraction is undeniable. Suddenly Kellan is desperate to convince her that he is more than just a good time college guy. But Leah isn’t sure she can take the chance of her heart being broken if Kellan can’t handle the difficulties of a relationship.

Will they be able to find their way, or will Kellan and Leah be on the losing end in the game of love?

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