Happily ever after was just in sight, and then BANG!Taylor Preston-Fletcher had finally found peace in life—her new life—complete with a husband and a company to run, inherited when her uncle turned up dead. But it all changed again in an instant. Now her husband Derrick has been critically wounded and Taylor isn’t convinced that the accused is the actual culprit. She and Derrick, along with her security team leader, Henry Lowsley, begin searching for the truth. But the more they dig, the more mysteries about her family are uncovered. Instead of peace and answers, she finds only secrets.Will they find who is really behind the attacks before it’s too late? Or will they end up as deeply buried as the Preston family’s secrets?

This is book 2 of the Inevitable Series, sequel to Inevitable Inheritance. For best reading enjoyment and understanding the series should be read in order.

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