Inevitable Inheritance

“Never again.” That was what she said when she left. She promised herself she would never live that life, never return to all that pain. There was nothing in the world that could make her go back … or so she thought.

For a while she kept that promise, and she was finally happy. She built a life for herself away from the wounds of her past: the death of her parents, her uncle’s insanity, the ruin of her grandfather’s legacy, and Derrick, the billionaire bad boy who broke her heart. But then the past came knocking with the one thing that could force her to break her promise: guilt. The future of her grandfather’s company and the livelihood of thousands of his faithful employees was suddenly in her hands. The guilt grew so strong she didn’t have a choice.

She could do it. She could face the past and the pain if it meant rebuilding her family’s company and saving their legacy. That would be the easy part. Facing Derrick, though … that was something else altogether. She couldn’t believe what they were asking of her. Not just to face Derrick, but to marry him? Impossible. Could she make it through this with him? Or, worse, would she make it through without him?

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